Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lights out! Poke, poke, poke your eyes out!

hit the stacks, hit the lights

This is my favourite thing in my university's library. It's the first time I've seen it -- does your library have this? There are overhead lights in the aisles, but the stacks are dark. On the end of every third set of shelves, there a "Light" button. When you're looking for a particular call number, you press the button to light up two particular rows of stacks for (I think) 30 minutes. The purpose, of course, is to conserve energy. Brilliant, isn't it?

Classes are finished now, and I just (ha!) have one more paper to write and then a stack of final exams to grade. I've booked my flight to B.C. for the holidays. I'm looking forward to the five-hour flight! That's more knitting time than I've had in months. Speaking of knitting, I have a box of yarn from our marathon-runner, Rachael, waiting to be knit into a sleeve and then sent on to the Divine Ms. Em. Seven different colours, and the striping of them is up to me -- wheee! I won't get to that for at least a week, though. Must think "cultural materialism," not "knitting materials"...

Added: So thanks a lot, Amy, for torturing me with a new Knitty. Yep, thanks a lot.

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