Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wintery Wintry

We're getting a wee bit of snow this afternoon. A dusting of snow. Bea and I went outside -- here she is, thinking about scratching a post:

yes, she did scratch the post after this

Have you read Cari's post (speaking of posts, heh) about the GAWK round-robin sweater project? Well, what she said (because she said it so well). It's true: there's a girl gang amongst us, and it's me, Cari, Rachael, and Em. Right now, my box of red/orange/burgundy Patons Classic is on its way to Em in Brooklyn (this is what you helped me choose the colours for), and Rachael's Retro Prep yarn is winging its way to me. We'll each knit a component of one another's sweaters. Fun! And literally warm and fuzzy.

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