Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wednesday is the new Friday

All of my classes are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so when I finish on Wednesday afternoon I have that giddy Friday feeling. Not that I then have a four-day weekend, by any means. In fact, I spend the next four days doing the real work: reading, thinking, and writing. But Wednesday afternoon feels like the end of my week -- the next week starts again Thursday morning.

This morning as I walked to the bus at 8:30, I could see my breath! Cripes. Now, mid-afternoon, it's boiling outside. But the fact that I could see my breath has inspired me to get a scarf on the needles -- by the time I finish, I'll definitely need it. I have some lovely Mountain Colors wool that Mia sent, which will be perfect for a warm scarf. I'll wind it into a ball tonight and then cast on for Rachael's Good Ole Cabled Scarf. I halfheartedly searched around for another scarf pattern I might like to knit, but here's the thing: I like to support my friends. Simple as that. Sappy as that. Rachael's design is nice, of course, but it's actually more important to me that it's hers. (Well, that and I'm in a phase where I want to knit cables into everything.)

'Fraid I don't have much to say today. Things are fine with me. The leaves are beginning to turn as my favourite season fast approaches. Bea is pretty happy. I miss Bill. My credit card debt is getting a little out of control. I'm reading a really good novel. I'm finding my way around campus. I appreciate the fresh local air every day. I listen to my beloved CBC Radio One almost constantly when I'm at home. My apartment is comfortable enough. I've knit one sleeve of Retro Prep 2 in that violet Peace Fleece, and I'm happy with it. You know -- stuff is going on, and things are cool.

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