Friday, July 02, 2004

False alarm

It's my fault: I jinxed the typhoon. Sometime overnight it was downgraded to a Severe Tropical Storm, and today it's just raining hard. I took the day off anyway, and here's the view from my roof a few minutes ago:

not a typhoon

See? It's just raining and gray and dark outside. This is not spectacular. Me and a typhoon -- we're just not meant to be together.

I've been knitting away on my Cloverleaf Fixation Sock of Ultimate Greenness. I did a short-row heel, and clearly my knit rows look different from my purl rows in Fixation (but Bea thinks it smells OK):

cloverleaf sock progress

If you'd like to see what happened about six seconds after that photo was taken, click here. And now I'm going to head out to my favourite café (in a taxi, of course) for a bit more sock knitting. I'd like to finish these before returning to PPD.

Oh, and all the advice about my leg cramp? Thank you! I had no idea it was about potassium. Knitters are so smart.

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