Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Come closer -- I don't want to have to say this very loudly. I have a confession to make. [Looks around furtively, a bit like the shady salesman ("Wanna buy a letter S?") from Sesame Street.]

Don't tell anyone, but... I don't want to knit afghan squares and kitty blankets. My knitting time is limited, not to mention my knitting speed. Fact is, I want to spend my precious knitting time making wearable items. Preferably for myself. Knitting up my stash crap into a big square is really boring. There, I said it. I applaud all the charity knitters, but henceforth, this little needle-clacker won't have a square to spare. So there.

Now, quick! Be distracted from my selfish revelation by the following amusing links!

How can 2004 be the first year that a black woman has won a Tony award for Best Leading Actress?

Andrea Levy has won the Orange prize for fiction -- a "literary upset," it seems -- and one of the judges has written about what it was like to read dozens of novels in six weeks and choose the best one.

Young men don't read enough serious fiction, so Penguin has come up with the idea that young men will read books if they think it makes them look sexy to women. OK, whatever it takes, right? But look at this! Guys, you don't even need to read a book; according to the website, "You may not even need to read it, just bend the covers, let it stick out of your pocket and the book will do the talking!" And who's this woman? (Oops, I mean girl.) Well, she's the Good Booking Girl, and if she spots you reading the official book of the month, she'll give you a thousand quid. In fact, that scenario will no doubt look exactly like this (scroll down), you lucky fella. Is it just me, or is this totally insane?

It's been ages since I took a quiz:


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