Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did ya vote, punk? Well, did ya?

Is everyone (in Canada) tired of hearing about the election? It's strange to be away from it; I can read the news on the Internet, of course -- and yes, I did vote, unlike 39.5 percent of the nation's registered voters -- but I have no idea whether it has captured people's imaginations, whether people are talking about it with their friends. (Are you?)

I particularly liked a description I read, of Conservative leader Stephen Harper as "Stockwell Day with a library card" (here). That's funny. And was anyone else underwhelmed by the unbelievably white-bread names of the three front-runners? Welcome to multicultural Canada, where you can vote to elect Paul Martin, Steve Harper, or Jack Layton! Sheesh.

I have a craving for hummus, pita, and Israeli salad.

No typhoon yet, but it's still out there...

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