Monday, June 28, 2004

The cat that ate Taipei!


Huge Bea! Teeny buildings! Look out, Taipei -- it's Beazilla!

I put up a few photos from the weekend on my photo page.

And two balls of Cascade Fixation in the gnarliest shade of green arrived in my mailbox last Friday, so I got started on my first sock for the Six Sox Knitalong:

cloverleaf beginnings

What is that green? Kelly green, I suppose. It reminds me a bit of highway signage. I'll never be at a loss on future St. Patrick's Days, anyway. The Fixation is fun: springy and stretchy. I hope I'm not overstretching it as I knit. These will be some soft and comfortable socks, and a bonus is that I only have 60 stitches in a round instead of the usual 72, so it's speedy. I did have time to knit a few pattern repeats at the Foreign Affairs Police earlier, so I'm ready to work the heel -- short rows, I think. I think I'll carry the pattern down the top of the sock, too.

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