Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Bright Lights, Link City

Our computer went kaplooey again. Hopefully it'll be back soon (meaning there will be photos on this here blog). Stupid computers.

It's impossible to keep up with all the articles in which journalists discover Cool/Not-yer-Granny Knitting, not that anyone wants to read them all, but I link this one because it's from Vancouver: "Knitting is hot!"

There were a few extra-great articles in the Guardian yesterday, thanks to the writers' festival taking place in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. (What's a Wye?) The best so far have been "On the rack," wherein the Guardian challenges a series of writers to a two-day game of Scrabble; and "Hay dudes," which addresses the tendency among literary folk to dress like members of a "Dandy Mafia." Oh, to write such excellent descriptions of such rich material! One novelist sports "the handkerchief equivalent of an indulgently rolled R"; an outdoorsy broadcaster has "skin the colour of a Werther's Original."

David Beckham is going to be on the cover of Vanity Fair. Will you recognize him?

B Ruby Rich argues for lezbionic cinema. (Damn it, I thought I'd invented that word a couple of weeks ago.)

"Islam's marked woman": Irshad Manji is one tough, brave, smart, and sassy woman.

"Schoolgirl kills classmate": The headline didn't surprise me -- North Americans love to hear about violent kids, after all, especially girls -- but I was surprised to read that this happened in Japan. I suppose the story challenges some of the stereotypes I hold about Japan -- studious, well-behaved children; submissive girls.

Rachael has started running, which I admire. I would start running, too -- if I was chasing a 32-kilo wheel of cheese.

It's a Trivial Pursuit question, but it doesn't seem to be true. Can China's Great Wall be seen from space with the naked eye? In any case, China has more pressing things to worry about, with next year's Britney Spears tour.

Be happy that you (probably) live in a space larger than three to six square meters, unlike residents of Vietnam's big cities. (Do click on the little photos to see them bigger -- it looks like Taipei, but colourful instead of grey.)

How can it be June already? Why does Beatrix want to chew on the toilet brush? Am I the only one who finds the "cartoon" characters in Shrek really freaky? Why won't Kiefer return my calls? These are just some of the questions that eat away at my mind.

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