Monday, May 10, 2004

So damn unbrainy

I spent the weekend knitting a Möbius strip. And you?

We've all read it: "Join, being careful not to twist." It's something like including "Turn the page now" at the bottom of each leaf in a novel, right? Duh, in other words. Well, never again will I mock the utter obviousness of this instruction. In fact, I propose that stronger language be used: "Join, being really, really careful not to twist. Now check it. Check it again. You may not move on until you check it again. Seriously. After two rows of pattern stitch, check it again, Mortal!"

To be exact, I knit a 200-stitch Noro Kureyon Möbius strip in k3p1 ribbing -- for two inches. That's right. Much to my horror, the body of the Retro Rip had become a Retro Strip. I may or may not have shrieked, "Noro, why hast thou forsaken me?" (denial being the first stage of grief). Then I ripped back and fixed it. Grr. But I'm back on track now. I'm one skein into the body. (I expect it'll take four more to get up to the point where the sleeves are attached.) I will finish this sweater by the end of May, and it will fit!

Thanks for all the compliments on the colourway I'm using, by the way. I'm still a bit shocked by the bright colours, and I can't imagine I'd ever buy a sweater in a similar Sunset-on-Acid palette, but I think I'll wear it a lot. I'm one of those "Buy neutral, knit colour" knitters.

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