Wednesday, May 12, 2004


A May 11 press release titled "Blogging has arrived: Online diaries gain popularity and importance" singles out only two personal blogs (besides Howard Dean's), and one is Wendy Knits:

Not all blogs however are serious in nature. In fact, some of the most popular blogs can be funny and compelling reflections of their writer's personal hobbies or obsessions, for example, a blog by and about a fanatical knitter.
Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, will be sworn in on May 20, and to celebrate, the tobacco and liquor branch has come out with... five kinds of inauguration liquor! Yeehaw! This just wouldn't happen in Canada or the U.S., would it? Bottles of booze with little photos of Paul Martin or John Kerry on them? Sadly, the governor of California will not be among the dignitaries in attendance on May 20. It would have been entertaining to watch him on the local news, since it takes about fifteen syllables to say "Schwarzenegger" in Chinese.

"Actor Kiefer Sutherland files for divorce." Two words, Kiefer: Call me.

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