Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Knit it or move it

I stayed home with Bea yesterday, so I got quite a bit of knitting done on my Retro Prep. I've finished the body up to where the sleeves attach; no attaching yet, though, since I've only knit one sleeve. One more sleeve, then, and then I'll be knitting the yoke and nearly done. I'm going to finish a sweater! And then I think I'll start a sock. I'm dying to knit a sock. I love the Kureyon, but I do love to knit with thin yarn on teeny needles.

I forgot to tell you that I bought yarn on impulse last Friday: ten 50-gram balls of a sport-weight cashmere-merino blend. In hot pink. I've never made such a big purchase with no clear plans for the yarn, but it was a good deal, and I figure there will be a hundred sweater options out there for it. Because I will absolutely need a soft, warm, hot-pink sweater to get through the upcoming Canadian winter, don't you think? Watch for this yarn to make an appearance here on the blog this fall as a work in progress...

The other day, I pulled my two big plastic bins of yarn out and organized their contents. Obviously, I'm only going to move the good stuff back to Canada with me. I set aside bits to use in kitty blankies and/or afghan squares (e.g., half a ball of Denimstyle, the Patons Canadiana that I started a raglan with but came to hate). Having very little space here -- plus the knit-it-or-move-it reality of living abroad temporarily -- has kept my stash to a minimum. All I'll be taking back with me is my modest sock yarn stash (five pairs' worth?), my new pink purchase, and a few other miscellaneous balls of worthwhile wool. Everything else will have to be knit up for charity, since I can't stand to throw out perfectly good yarn and will have guilty nightmares if forced to do so.

But, oh! When I am back and settled into an apartment that has modern conveniences like closets! Then I'm going to buy yarn. And knitting books. And knitting magazines. And a ball winder. And more yarn. I'm positively swimmy at the thought of it!

Bea is improving. The incision on her belly looks OK. She's adjusting to her Elizabethan Collar (thanks, Paula -- that's so much more dignified than cone). The saddest part is that she has no idea it's only temporary. As far as she knows, she was knocked out on Monday and woke up with this crazy plastic impediment around her head, and now that's how it is. As far as she knows, she'll never bathe or see her feet again! Poor little minx.

News flash! Presidential candidate's thirty-year-old daughter has breasts!

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