Tuesday, May 04, 2004


See the Retro Prep progress photo I posted yesterday? OK, well, forget that. I'm going to rip it and redo it, because it's too small. It needs to be at least two inches wider all around, and while I know I could probably just block it bigger, I'd rather reknit it to fit. This has been a tough decision, as I never rip. Never. Unless there is some horrible knitted disfigurement going on, I just keep going. So deciding to rip three full skeins' worth of stitches is a bit extreme. But actually, it's only a week's worth of knitting, and dude, this yarn wasn't cheap. I want a sweater I'm going to love to wear. So you can expect to see a very similar progress photo in about a week, I hope, and then I'll be back on track. Look at me! I'm growing as a knitter! And it hurts a little bit. (And no, actually, I don't want to talk about how I managed to knit twelve inches of the body before realizing it was too small.)

My friend Steve is famous for being clever! Who wouldn't want that?

Here's a follow-up to the column by John Doyle I referred to on April 30: "Bill O'Reilly denies anger at Canada: Takes exception to ultra-right label."

[O'Reilly] says one thing would settle all arguments he's had with the [Globe]'s TV critic and that is if Canadians could only see Fox News and judge for themselves that it is not rabidly right wing, as has been suggested. ...

"If you had us up there to balance CNN, you'd give people a choice, they'd hear other points of view. Not conservative points of view -- this is not a conservative network."
I've never seen Fox News, but the fact that O'Reilly perceives CNN as somehow lefty or liberal makes me pretty suspicious of it.

Related: Al Gore has bought Newsworld "to create an independent source of information." We'll see.

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