Thursday, April 01, 2004

Boobs and squares

I tried on nearly 300 grams of bra last night, and it seems I had seriously underestimated my boobage! I'm thirty-one years old. Why are my boobs getting bigger? (Moreover, why am I still calling them "boobs"?) So I have to go back to the bra deli. I'm guessing I need about 350 grams of bra. I was going to return them today, but just for you, I'm going to bring my camera and do it tomorrow. Who loves ya?

Instead, at lunch today, I went to my sidewalk yarn guy down the street. The sweetest afghan squares keep appearing over at Mason-Dixon Knitting, and I can no longer resist. I can make cheerful squares, too! I bought three 50-gram balls of wool: green, orange, and blue. It will be practice for a future log cabin afghan. Perfect for TWT times (TV While Tired). Plus, even though I still heart my Must Have and lacy scarf, I need a little quick gratification. A little bit of start-and-finish-in-the-same-evening knitting. You know, while I can still get my arms around my enormous boobs and hold the needles.

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