Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm feeling a little hungover and schmeh today.* Please keep the lights low, and speak quietly amongst yourselves.

Good news for British Columbia: "NDP ahead of Liberals for first time since 1996".

Doesn't Courtney Love have friends? Isn't there someone who can take her aside, make her a cup of coffee, and say, "Courtney, dude, you're kind of messing up here. Do you need some help? Want to talk about anything?" And what did she do to her face, anyway? I hadn't seen her photo in quite a while, and I hardly recognized her.

Bill and I watched City of God on Tuesday night. Holy crap, was it bleak. It was well done, visually stunning. All I'd known about it before was that it was Brazilian and has won tons of acclaim and awards. I never read reviews before seeing a film, and living here, I find myself watching movies that I know absolutely nothing about. (At home, you can't avoid knowing something, because you watch TV or a friend talks about the film or whatever; here, there is none of that buzz.) So I wasn't expecting so much violence, but I really was blown away by the look of the film and the depiction of the favela, which is something I really didn't know about. And then extra blown away yesterday when I read that the only professional actor was the drug dealer Carrot. (I think I have that right.) I'm not sure that I want to know how the filmmaker got that tiny boy to cry like that -- too real. (Do you know which scene I mean? I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it.)

I dreamt last night that I'd decided to have all my hair shaved off (by a young woman who was shaving the head of another woman outside on a sidewalk). To prepare, I cut it all off myself, so it would be easier to shave with the electric clippers. But then I saw myself in the mirror and thought it looked really cool, so I considered forgoing the shave. For some reason, though, my hair had turned platinum blond, and the reason I thought I looked so hot is that my face had become Angelina Jolie's face. But I didn't realize that, so I just thought, "Wow, this haircut looks great on me!"

Does anyone have any thoughts on using a variegated yarn to make a lacey scarf? (I have enough Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Tuscany to make Wendy's Feather and Fan scarf.) Actually, what I'm really asking is, is it stupid to knit lace with variegated yarn? Will the colours just pool in weird ways and obscure the stitch pattern altogether?

I don't know if other people do this, but Alisons do it. When we meet another Alison, we ask "One L or two?" and then "An I or a Y?" and if our names are spelled the same, we say something like "Right on!" as though we can take credit for making an excellent choice. (This happened to me last night, but I swear I've had this exact conversation with every Alison/Allison/Alyson I've ever met.)

You might need a Pink Fix and not even know it! Go here to get one. Me, I get a pink fix every morning and evening these days, since the azaleas are in full bloom in the park near my office. I took some photos, so if there's a computer at my house tonight, I'll share them with you. The flower-to-green ratio with these azaleas is outrageous.

Hmm. I just had a moment where I honestly had no idea whether I'd had my lunch break yet or not. I had to look at the clock. Ah, yes, instant noodles two hours ago, that's right. OK, back on track now. I suppose I should do some work.

* I realize this is an awfully long post for someone who is hungover and schmeh, but I've actually been writing it off and on since I got to the office, oh, five hours ago. And it's taken a lot out of me. Is it nap time yet?

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