Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The civil unrest here in Taiwan isn't affecting my life much. My office is just up the street from the Presidential Palace, so I can see the roadblocks and all the KMT supporters who have been and are still being bused in. I think officials should just recount the ballots and be done with it, but what do I know? It's not my country. They want to fight about it, and there have been brawls in the legislature here over much less.

If you didn't do so yesterday, go over and wish Em a happy birthday!

Isn't it great to see Joey Buttafuoco back in the news? Isn't it great to say "Joey Buttafuoco"?

I'm sad that the referrer host has quit. I found a lot of new blogs through that list at the bottom of the page. (Hey, leave me a comment so I can still find you!)

I'd forgotten how much I love Honey Nut Cheerios. Thank you, big grocery store with Western food.

Because Beatrix is an urban Taipei rooftop cat, she doesn't know from trees and grass and birds and mice. But don't write off her feline instincts yet; Little Miss Bea has been bringing cockroaches into the house! "Aw, thanks, Bea! That's nice. OK, bye-bye, cockroach! -- [flush] -- Where did it go? Oh well."

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