Thursday, February 12, 2004

I was tired two hours ago, but I didn't go to bed. What happens if I'm not in bed by ten-thirty? I get a second wind and stay up too late. Now it's almost one. Oh, I'll just have a glass of wine and download music for a while and have a shower la la la... OK, so I'm going to tell you ten things, and then I'm going to go to bed.

1. Beatrix bites me a lot, and it concerns me. I'm raising a biter! Pets resemble their owners. What does this mean?

2. I can't believe I forgot about Thelma and Louise when I came up with my movie list. Must add that.

3. I took out the garbage tonight. Every night, the garbage truck stops just down the block (you know when, because it plays a digital version of Für Elise really loud -- everyone within earshot runs outside) and we all have to throw our trash into the back of the truck. It had been a while since we'd done it, so I had five medium-sized bags of garbage. People were looking at me like "Look at all the trash she makes! Wasteful girl!" as though it was a day's worth. (It's the same phenomenon as when you stock up on booze, and you know people are thinking you're planning to drink it all tonight!)

4. How come there are no good movies on television in the evenings, but when I happen to turn on the TV at seven-thirty in the morning, Cinemax is playing Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

5. A week ago, Bill had to get up early to do something, so the night before, he wrote WAKE ME UP! on our bathroom mirror. But he used a permanent magic marker...

6. I'm getting tired now. More wine?

7. The Lantern Festival is going on this week, and I find myself feeling sad that it'll be my last one.

7. I received confirmation from my grad school of choice that my complete application has been received. All there is to do now is wait.

8. I have to pick up a package tomorrow at the post office, and I'm pretty sure it will be yarn for my Must Have cardigan. Yay!

9. More than a few people have arrived at this blog lately as the result of searches for "janet jackson + superbowl + breast".

10. I had to do some recording at work today (for high school listening comprehension tests), and of all the weird and silly sentences I had to say, this one cracked me up the most for some reason: "Excuse me, where can I find some jogging shorts?"

Thanks! I'm off to bed. I think I'll just quickly clean out the fridge first. Oh, and the TV screen looks awfully dusty. And my eyebrows could use a pluck... arrgh.

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