Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since I'm back at work today, I've managed to catch up with a few blogs that I've been neglecting due to inhospitable indoor temperatures at home. So I'm clicking around, reading this and that, leaving a comment here and there, when BLAM! I'm at Glampyre, where it's certainly no surprise to find that Stefanie has made a wicked sweater -- that's just what she does -- but I'm in love with her blue-trimmed split-turtleneck top-down raglan number! I love that!

I'm into my second year of knitting now. Last year I made lots of small things for feet, heads, and babies, mostly. Technically I learned a lot, and I certainly picked up speed. I'm proud of all my finished objects. But this year, my friends, is to be the Year of the Sweater. I want to make some sweaters. (In fact, I was all set to order the pattern and wool for the Must Have cardigan, and then I lost my credit card, damn it.) You may remember that I did knit much of a chunky red-and-milky-coffee raglan a few months back, but I'm going to rip that baby and rip it good. I don't want a bulky sweater! I don't buy bulky sweaters, so why did I want to make one? I'll rip it and use that nice bulky yarn for hats and mitts. No, I want to make sweaters I'll wear, like the Must Have and a Rosedale United pullover. (Dear Noro: Please send Kureyon to Threadbear pronto. Arigato.) Oh, and socks. Still obsessed with socks. (Especially because I have a new pair of Birks, and every morning, my shoes say, "Please fill me with homemade socks. Please?" And I hate to disappoint.)

Now this is a news story: "Break-dancers perform for the Pope". The pontiff is reported to have said to the group of kids, "For this creative hard work I bless you from my heart." Then he leapt from his big fancy chair and did the worm across the Vatican floor, ending in a full head spin. (OK, I made up that last part, but can you imagine?)

And congratulations, Calgary, on becoming the murder capital of Canada thus far in 2004!

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