Saturday, January 31, 2004

I finished my Regia mini-ringel socks last night while watching Dogville (a film about which all I can say at this time is "Whoa.") To recap: Cari sent me two balls of Regia 5216 for my birthday back in October. I knit them from the top down with 2.25mm double-pointed needles. And I'm finally done! Can you believe how wide and flat my feet look in this photo? Just call me Pancake Toes:

I didn't want the striping to match exactly, but I also didn't think it would turn out so different from one sock to the other. Though both yarn balls were from the same dye lot and I centre-pulled both, the stripes came out in the opposite direction! So not only did I start with a different colour, but the sequencing is also reversed:

I'm happy to be done with these, though I probably won't wear them for a while, since I'm a bit sick of looking at them. I don't think that can be avoided with socks. I love them, though -- look: my feet are dancing!

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