Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Get me some knitalin -- I've got a case of Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder. I'm halfway through so many things, and I just keep casting on! I finished one of 2L's Xmas socks on the weekend. I ripped out the first version; the fabric was too dense for a sock. And what a difference half a millimeter makes! I went up from 3.25 mm needles to 3.75 mm, and the density is perfect and it's like there's more room for all the colours to show themselves. Since I was casting on 48 stitches anyway, I ended up making ankle socks from this free pattern. (Yes, photos, I know...) But have I started the second sock? No! Instead, I bought two balls of yarn off my buddy, the Sidewalk Yarn Vendor, and cast on for another Xmas present: the Marsan Watchcap (or, as my people call it, a plain ol' toque). The yarn brand is Australia Cable, and it's two strands of medium gray twisted with one strand of black, but it knits up to a really nice charcoal. This will be a gift for someone who may read this blog, so that's my excuse for showing no pictures till after Christmas. I'm also halfway through another small Xmas gift, and I'm halfheartedly making a few mini socks to send out as ornaments. Send help!

So I'm off to Singapore tomorrow, where I plan to eat lots of Indian food. Back on Sunday. Till then, I leave you with a photo of two happy knitters, taken in Montreal on a beautiful September afternoon:

knitbloggers unite!

(That's ~Jo~ on the left and me on the right.) Have a great weekend!

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