Monday, November 17, 2003

I have an FO to report and a picture of it! These are exciting times. Because the FO is going to be a Christmas present for my parents, everyone except my mother can click here to see it. Thanks for the pattern, Rachael! I'm very pleased.

And here are the crazy footies I made for a friend last week from this free pattern:

crazy 'n' fast footies!

The pattern says to cast on 44 stitches, but it uses stretchy Fixation; in Regia 6-ply, I cast on 54 -- I'd even cast on a few more if they were for my own burly man feet. Hopefully Dawn will be getting these in the mail this week, and I hope she likes them. (No, I didn't block them. I cut foot shapes out of a cereal box and slid them into the socks, are you crazy?)

I'm seriously thinking of splurging on a load of Noro Kureyon and trying my hand at a Rosedale pullover. What's your favourite Kureyon colourway? (Here's a bunch to look at for reference.)

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