Saturday, October 18, 2003

Mooky says hi!


I took this photo when I was in Montreal last month. The flash from the crap disposable camera I used seems to have blown out my dear kitty's pupils. I can assure you that he does indeed have pupils. Please take a moment to admire his dainty pose. (Where was his other front paw? I have no idea.)

I finished Bill's birthday socks. Today I started a new sock, with the lovely mini-ringel (colour 5216: Atlantis) that Cari sent.

The birthday yarn fairy struck again! First it was sweater-wrestler extraordinaire Cari, and then mama's girl Rachael, who was determined to pop my Koigu cherry. I'm the luckiest little knitter in the world. Are there any free sock patterns out there that anyone would recommend particularly for some luscious Koigu PPM?

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