Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Bill and I want to have two cats and a dog when we move back to Canada. Reading this column by Emma Tom makes me even more sure of it.

[My dog] Muriel is very helpful with guests. If these are guests who don't like dogs, Muriel knows the obliging thing to do is wildly hump their legs or their children. If these are guests who do like dogs, Muriel is the perfect entertainer. She runs maniacally to and from the back yard carrying camphor laurel twigs, which she then chews, swallows, throws up, then eats again.
So many hosts forget the camphor laurel twig trick when entertaining.
Read the column, and then go and snuggle with your pet(s). I wish I could. (Marlo, give Mooky a big loving head-butt for me!)

I cast on for a sweater last night! Stay tuned...

The Governator, eh? Well, at least Arnold is health conscious: "Milk are for babies. When you get older you drink beer." Hmm. Good luck, California.

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