Monday, August 18, 2003

lovin' the legwarmers!

The year is 2003, but I can't stop thinking about legwarmers. It may have begun with Stefanie's pattern for postmodern legwarmers in the spring issue of Knitty. (Well, actually, it began twenty years ago with my first pair, which were teal; oh, how I loved them.) I've done a little legwarmer research for you all (OK, maybe just for me!), so let's go back, shall we? Back to a time when we kept our calves warm but let our tops slip off one shoulder. First, a little background reading: "I Love 1982: Ra-Ras and Legwarmers". For some visuals, dance on over to "Legwarmers of the '80s: A Pictorial Tribute", which involves screen captures from Footloose. Oh, yeah!

Maybe I'm drawn to the fact that legwarmers would be easy to make. Besides Stef's pattern, there are free knitting patterns here, here, and here. Even easier (and so cute!) are the d.i.y. instructions here. (Admit it: you're starting to feel the soft, fuzzy pull of the legwarmer, aren't you?)

Anyway, you know where I'm going with all this, right? What is a legwarmer if not a blank canvas? An opportunity? Dude, I think I'm going to throw some metal at some legwarmers! (Should we be saying "knit some metal"?)

Meanwhile, where were you in '82? Tell me about your legwarmers!

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