Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Knit? Rock!

For whatever reason, there are a bunch of us knitters who just can't let go of the IRO. I think it's the knit-rock-geek-irony combination that is so appealing. Em knit a swatch. Sarah is working on a devil horns intarsia chart. I've made a button. And Rachael found an icon:

Clearly, we wanna rock! So swipe the button and knit (or duplicate stitch) something that rocks on. And here's what I'll do. I will create and maintain a Knitting Rock-Along gallery if you guys are actually into this. So are you? Are you, punk? (Be honest; it's anonymous.)

p.s. The best cat photo that I've seen in a while is on Pioneer Melissa's blog (August 4 entry; believe me, you can't miss it!). (This link is especially for my kitty-loving cousin Colleen.)

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