Friday, August 01, 2003

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll finally have Internet access at home sometime next week. By then I will have put a few of the girls at the Internet cafe through college. Then I'll finally update my links page and knitting gallery. And I'll blog daily!

A few more details about the Brainylady Canadian Summer Tour 2003: Knitting and Felting Extravaganza! (Look! The countdown of days is in the right-hand column!) Here's the tentative itinerary: Aug. 22 - Sept. 1 in the Okanagan; Sept. 2 - 5 in Vancouver; Sept. 6 - 13 at a cabin in Ontario, fishing with my inlaws; Sept. 14 - 22 in Hamilton/Toronto/Montreal. Yes, Bill and I are spending a week with his parents in the wilds of Ontario, in a cottage on idyllic Crotch Lake. I kid you not.

I've said it before, and I expect I'll say it many, many times again over the next three weeks: I can't wait for this holiday. I can't wait to understand what people are saying and be able to read signs and menus. I can't wait to blend into the crowd. I can't wait to get away from crowds! I can't wait to be in the country, to stand on grass, to swim in the lake, to look at the stars, to hear birds. I can't wait to go thrifting and to second-hand bookstores. I can't wait to go to yarn stores! (What is this "Cottonease" and "Interweave Knits" of which you speak?) I think I need to come up with a big list of Things To Do so that I can check them off. (e.g., 1. Find grass; remove shoes; walk on grass. Heck -- get down and roll on it.)

I'm about two-and-a-half inches into my RocKami -- I'm doing the unshaped, wide-strapped version -- and I'm determind to finish before my holiday. Luckily I work well under deadline pressure. Also luckily, I can do stockinette stitch while watching TV. I'm also working on Haiku's second sleeve. The end is in sight! I want to have Haiku finished this weekend.

Something has come to light recently that touches the hearts and minds of many of my dear fellow knitbloggers, and that, my friends, is the International Rock On (I.R.O.) sign, a.k.a. devil horns. If you don't know what I'm talking about, no worries. But if you do, and if you're confident that you're ready to rawk and laugh really hard at the same time, click here to take it to the next level: the Bon Jovi Rock Lock. I'm speechless. Maybe because I can't stop laughing.

Actually, no; after reading this (from "Critics pan Gigli as 'disaster'"), I was speechless:

Among critics' biggest beefs with the movie is Affleck's efforts to change Lopez's character from being a lesbian into a heterosexual woman. The movie climaxes during a love scene in which Affleck convinces her to change sides, with Lopez spreading her legs and telling him, "It's turkey time -- gobble, gobble."
Oh. Holy. Jesus.

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