Saturday, July 05, 2003

Now I've done it. Hoo boy. I've made a commitment. I've signed up for the ChicKami knitalong with Gina and blue-blog Alison! As soon as I saw this tank, I wanted to make it. Plus I can't resist these two words: "No Sewing!" But I figured I'd never find appropriate yarn around here. (There is cotton to be found, but for some reason I can only ever find really thin cotton. What is that for?) Plus, as you may know, I'm intimidated by adult-sized sweaters.

I recently told Anna that I was jealous of her access to le boutique V.V., and she replied that she's jealous of my sidewalk markets. Right! I have a sidewalk yarn vendor, remember? (Hey, Blogger, where the hell are my archives for May??) There's an old guy who sells yarn out of a cupboard a block away from my office. On my lunch break yesterday, I stopped there to have a look/drool, and noticed a clear garbage bag full of yarn packages. Fifty-gram balls of cotton blends! For $16 (Canadian), I bought ten balls of black sport-weightish yarn that had "chicKami!" written all over it. The labels are in Japanese, so when I got back to the office I had someone translate: 60% cotton, 40% "po-ri-ess-ta-ru" (Japanese is funny!). Will this work? We'll see. In any case, the yarn was a steal of a deal, and I can certainly use it for something.

I bound off the body of the Crazy Colors raglan sweater last night. I'm like an Indy 500 knitter with this thing. I finished about four inches of it while watching Wimbledon tennis dubbed in Chinese. (The body is 155 sts. around.) I knit about an inch and a half of 3-by-2 ribbing at the bottom. Now I just have to do two little arms and the neck band. Maybe by the time I finish, I'll be back to blogging from home and be able to show you photos.

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