Monday, March 31, 2003

There's a whole new "hair of the dog" happening. A feature in Saturday's National Post called "Putting on the dog" was about having the fur from one's pet dog spun into yarn and knit into mittens and sweaters. My first reaction to this idea is, well, not so good. Maybe if I really liked dogs, but even the idea of collecting Mooky's feline fur for a few months and eventually knitting it up and wearing it on my head wierds me out a little bit. My distaste is not logical, of course. It makes as much sense as a person who eats beef thinking that it's unimaginably gross to eat dog.

Oh, was that pattern supposed to make fuzzy feet? Because I put mine into the wash yesterday and ended up with funny feet! After all my hard work, I've managed to turn two gigantic socks into two humongous socks. They grew. They're huge. Forever helpful, my mom suggested that I stuff them and make pillows. Does anyone out there need a pair of knitted curtains? Any pro basketball players who have trouble finding size 99 socks, give me a ring! [sigh!] Back to the knitting board....

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