Wednesday, April 16, 2003

[There used to be four pictures of cats wearing costumes here: a bunny, a lamb, a duck, and a frog.]

These cat photos came to me in a forwarded e-mail, so I can't give anyone credit. Oh, dear. The brainy part of me says "Cruel!", but the lady part says "Aww."

Last night, I began knitting a baby sweater. It will be for my supervisor at work, who is pregnant. She doesn't really talk to me, but I figure this is a good opportunity to make a little sweater. She knows she is having a boy. The sweater will be purple with a baby blue stripe or two. Very exciting. I'm also halfway through knitting a blue coif. After looking at Glitter Kitty's finished projects, I'm considering adding kitty ears to the coif when I finish. Or starting another one in a kitty-er colour and putting ears on.

It was my brother's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Tom!

[There used to be a photo of my brother here.]

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