Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Nina Simone died yesterday, at the age of 70.

Last night, Bill and I rented "About a Boy," which was a lovely movie. Since I'm trying to run a knitting blog here, let me turn your attention to the role played by knits in this delightful film. If you've seen it, you'll remember that 12-year-old Marcus is often dressed in woolen hats and chunky scarves, and then there is the sweater. Is this not a thesis topic? "About a Boy: The use of bulky knitwear as a signifier for alienation and parental cluelessness...":

  • Eye Weekly: "...the way [his mother] dresses Marcus in ugly, hand-knit sweaters..."
  • Cinescene: "Marcus [is] weighted down by an ugly Peruvian-knit sweater..."
  • Film Journal: "Marcus' woeful outfits, most likely knit by his mother..."
  • IO Film: "[Toni] Collette [as Marcus's mother] has created a monster in hand-knit woollens."

    [There used to be four pictures from the movie here: one of Marcus in a fair isle hat, one of Marcus and his mother in knitted hats, one of Marcus in a scarf, and one of Marcus in the "goofy sweater."]

    Happy Earth Day!

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