Sunday, April 13, 2003

I've been working on my knitting-photo page all afternoon, but now I'm taking a break. I'm building it in FrontPage, based on this Blogger template; I just hope all my code-whatever (technical term) translates and works when I upload it. As for this page, da blog, I'm doing some rearranging, adding some links, etc. In the immortal words of everyone's favorite badass white rapper, I'm cleanin' out my closet.

It was 30 degrees yesterday! And sweaty. Bill and I scooted out to the way-way-way east end of Chunghsiao Road where there was a huge sale on Converse sneakers (NT$500/pair, which is worth just over CAD$20). Heading east on Chunghsiao (Chungshiao? Zhongxiao! Sing it!) we passed stores like these:.

  • Baby Bakery [women's clothing]
  • Spontaneous Language School [wishful thinking!]
  • Lady's wig & man's toupee
  • This is Pen.
  • KARST: Outdoor bag of executive ability

  • Then I knitted up a new phone cosy last night, as I --oops!-- spilled coffee in my bag last week. So now my phone is in a white-pink-red cosy.

    I bought a few CDs in Vancouver, and I'm loving these two: Chinatown by the Be Good Tanyas and Snakebite by Eleni Mandell. I think I'll put Snakebite in now. And 1-2-3-stretch!, out to the kitchen for coffee, and then back to FrontPage.

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