Monday, February 24, 2003

We've been here for a year -- Friday was our Taiwan anniversary. Bill and I went for a couple of beers Friday evening on the forty-fifth floor of the city's tallest building and looked out over the city. The small but jam-packed city. We really are happy here. It took a while for us (especially me) to get into the groove of Taipei, and it's certainly not perfect, but overall it's a good city and our lives here are awfully good indeed.

If only there were thrift stores! I hate having to buy brand new knitting needles and yarn all the time. It's not just expensive, but it's wasteful. There are probably enough supplies in Canadian thrift stores alone to allow every citizen of the world to knit up a storm. Plus all the old wool sweaters! I was complaining the other day about my inability to felt, and then I discovered yet another lovely felting project online. I'm being haunted and taunted by felting.

I knitted a hat this weekend for a friend's baby. I had intended to try the Kittyville devil hat, but then decided to skip the challenge for now. I just made this hat up as I went along, and it turned out to be cute and everything, but here's the thing: I have no idea of the size of a four-month-old baby's head. I used sport weight wool (green left over from Crazy Hat 2: The Sequel, and a new ball of white "baby merino" with bits of pink, green, blue, yellow, and purple here and there) and 4mm circulars. The hat has about an inch of green 2-by-2 ribbing at the bottom, and the rest is stockinette stitch in the baby wool.

I think ironing is lame, and it takes an extreme situation to get me to the board. But I'm looking at the chore in a whole new light since hearing about extreme ironing on the radio. No kidding.

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