Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Knitting is fun, but getting the right stuff for a particular project can be so frustrating! I wanted to try the wrist warmers on Knitty. They look fun and I want to learn something new. So I went to the yarn store (there are two within two blocks of my apartment!) and bought wool and a 3.75mm circular needle, and then came home and pulled it all out eagerly. But, and I feel stupid about this, my new circular needle is 60cm long. Obviously bigger than my wrist, duh. But tonight I went to the other yarn store, and the only circular needles there were 60cm or 40cm. So I'm totally bewildered as to how a person could knit a wrist warmer for anyone other than the Friendly Giant on one of these circular needles! By the way, the woman at both yarn stores don't speak English, and I can't speak Chinese. Hmm. How will I figure this out? Perhaps I'll just try the wrist warmers on a set of double-pointed needles. But it's still going to bug me.

It even took me a good while to figure out what "worsted weight" actually is. Hey, I'm new at this. I have finally determined that "worsted weight" just means that 1000 yards = 1 lb. And that 125 meters = 137 yards, and a pound is 16 oz. (Right?) Aiyo!

While I'm at work, I stay sane by listening to triple j radio from Australia. I would listen to my beloved cbc radio, but while I'm at work, Canada is asleep.

I sure do miss my cat. Of course, he's very well looked after in Montreal by his two mommies. One of them sent me this link, which just makes me happy.

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