These socks are a small step up from simple 2-by-2 ribbed socks, with the addition of a 6-stitch cable on both sides of the leg (twisting in opposite directions).



Yarn: Patons Kroy 4-ply sock yarn (2 balls / 100 g / 350 m), or other sock-weight yarn

Needle(s): 2.25 mm

Other: cable needle (if you like to use one), tapestry needle (for grafting toe)


Gauge: 8.5 sts. / inch in stockinette st.



c6b: hold 3 sts. to the back, knit next 3 sts., knit 3 sts. that were held

c6f: hold 3 sts. in front, knit next 3 sts., knit 3 sts. that were held



This pattern comes from socks that I knit to fit me, with my long feet and high instep. I find many sock patterns to be too small. Also, I like my socks to be densely knit. If you think 72 sts. around will be too big for you (either because you don't need so many to be able to get the sock past your heel, or because you are knitting a looser sock or using fatter yarn), this pattern will also work with 64 sts. (Just do one less *p2, k2* on each side of the leg, and work the heel on 32 sts.; you'll have one less *k2, p2* on the top of the foot.)



I use one long circular needle to knit socks. You might, too -- or you may use two circs, or four or five double-pointed needles. I'll leave the positioning of stitches on needles up to you.




Using long-tail method, c.o. 72 sts. Join to work in the round.

Rows 1, 2, and 3: k1, *p2, k2* until last 3 sts., p2, k1

Row 4: k1, *p2, k2* three times, p2, c6f, *p2, k2* seven times, p2, c6b, *p2, k2* three times, p2, k1

**Rows 5-11: k1, *p2, k2* three times, p2, k6, *p2, k2* seven times, p2, k6, *p2, k2* three times, p2, k1

Row 12: same as Row 4**

These 8 rows (Rows 5-12) form the cable pattern for the leg of the sock.

Repeat from ** to ** eight more times.

Row 77: k1, *p2, k2* four times, p1, k3, *p2, k2* seven times, p2, k3, p1, *k2, p2* four times, k1

Rows 78-81: same as Row 77



Row 82: k1, *p2, k2* four times, p1, k36

Reposition stitches in order to work heel of choice on the 36 sts. just knit (photo shows short-row heel).



For the foot of the sock, continue ribbing on top 36 sts. as established: p1, *k2, p2* eight times, k2, p1.

Knit all sts. on bottom of foot (36 sts. if short-row heel; decrease to 36 sts. if heel flap).

Work foot to desired length, leaving about 2 inches for toe.

Work one more round, knitting all sts.



Work toe of choice and graft to close. Weave in loose ends.



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brainylady, June 2005