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What do I do?

1. Knit something (anything!) that incorporates the IRO. (If you're not down with the devil horns, but you still wanna rock, use another image: skulls, stars, lightning bolts, etc.)

2. Take a photo of your work. Use a digital camera OR scan a snapshot. Send an e-mail to brainylady [at] hotmail [dot] com with your image attached.

3. Swipe a Rock-Along button (above) for your blog and link to the gallery so all your visitors will know how much you rock!




Monica's IRO chart

Missa's IRO chart

Tipper's IRO chart

Cynthia's skull charts

Tokkyu's "iwa" chart



knitting graph paper

intarsia hints

learn intarsia knitting

intarsia vs. fair isle

duplicate stitch



Are you ready to rock? The International Rock On (IRO) symbol is taking the knitting world by storm, so get out your needles and stitch some devil horns! This is a gallery of knitting that rocks on and on and on.

** The most recent submissions are at the top. **

skull swatch

Wendy (like falling down a hill full of sharp rocks...)

skull bootees

Andrea M.

pulse warmers

Jennifer (pieKnits)
see the free pattern at MagKnits!





pirate hat   pirate hat

Adrian (Hello Yarn)
get the free PDF pattern here!

IRO hat


IRO arm band

Jerry (Cables and Wool)

skull tote

Kaity (PunkRockKnitter)
see the free pattern at Hello Yarn

Knit On glove

Mica (Coffee Crazy Knitters)

skull headset bag

Cassa (Orchid's Knit Spot)

star cuff

Jen R.

skull trigger mitt

Martina (Seagrrlz)

IRO swatch

Leah (Knittin Pretty)

IRO fingerless gloves

Sarah J.

skull phone cozy

Betty (Faeries, Ink)

iwa/rock wristband

Tokkyu (Tokkyu2222)
(Kanji character "iwa" means "rock")
see the chart

skull camera strap

Martina (Seagrrlz)

skull vest

Lisa (Blogdogblog)

skull gloves

Lisa (Blogdogblog)

skull tote

Adrian (Hello Yarn)
see this and other skull patterns

studded wristwarmer

Mouse (Knotty Mouse)

skull swatch

Kel (Totally Bemused)

jolly roger dishcloth

Nanc (Toys Are Good Food)

punk rock baby layette

Nicole (Big Sister)

skull swatch

Cynthia (
see the chart

Megan (c/o Yarn Harlot)

skull bag

Jen (SugarCubed)

fingerless gloves

Christina (Knitting Goddess #9)
see the pattern


Carrie (Carrioke!)
(hat reads: CAN YA DIG IT)

IRO hat

Genia (Clickin' on the Severn)

skull fingerless gloves

skull fingerless gloves

Erica (Smiling Tiger)

skull slippers

Georgia (On My Mind...Knitting Blog)

star watchcap

Leya (Kitten Avec Whip)

see the pattern

star wristband

Stella (She Who Knits)

IRO wristband

Tipper (Daily Fiber Therapy)

see the pattern

skull scarf

Steph (And She Knits Too!)

lightning bolt swatch

Stefanie (Glampyre Knits)

IRO swatch

Missa (Midnight Knitter)

see the chart

IRO fingerless glove

Rene (Lantana)

IRO swatch

Monica (Hollyweird Knits)

see the chart

IRO swatch

Em (Everybody Loves Saturday Night)


 Last updated: October 1, 2006